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Recent Site Updates (Site last updated 9/21/05)

This site is intended to serve the purpose of helping students of paleoanthropology in the process of research, and to provide a source of information for any layperson who may or may not have access to the requisite background or general information needed to come to a fuller understanding of human evolution. I can be contacted via e-mail if you have any questions or comments about the site.

Recent Updates

*9/21/05* Let me take this opportunity to restate that I am fixing links as I find the time. I have created every piece of information on this site either by my personal knowledge or by my personal transcription of someone else's work (the definitions part of the site). I do this for no money, and in fact I pay currently around $200 a year from a student's income on keeping this site running. I have received zero donations to help pay for this site that has been ad free and paid up by me, for 4+ years now since I moved from free hosting. You want to e-mail me a problem? I will fix it if there is one, eventually. All e-mails regarding errors are put into a specific e-mail folder and as I get the chance I fix them, with things like typo's often being pushed down in priority. I appreciate the head's up on those. You want to e-mail me asking for some help on a school project or something like that? That's not what I'm here for, but I will sometimes reply with something if I think I have something useful to add that isn't something you should have gotten yourself with a smidgen of research.

But don't you dare send me nasty e-mails demanding I do something for you, when I don't owe you anything. Let me state where this is coming from. On 9/16 I received an e-mail from Henners542@aol.com (feel free to e-mail them yourself giving them your opinion) stating:

dear sir or madam,
Whats happening i cannot look @ my favourite fossils on your
hominids page. Will this be fixed or will the page be removed? Thank you your site
is the highest quality hominid site around! and i luv it!
Yours sincerely Henry.

Ok, no problem, right? The person just missed the notice on the front page that was put on 9/13 (see the update directly below this one) stating that I was moving the site and it would take me awhile to fix all the links on the hundreds of files for the site. So I move on through the other hundreds of e-mails I get daily. Now what do I receive today from the same person?

yeah cheers 4 gettin back to me u negligent s**t. i think you should change the link to "any problems? right to me, and then i will ignore you"

Thanx 4 nuthin ur pal Henry.

So this idiot isn't some creationist bent with hatred for all things anthropology and thus sending me hate mail (I get those all the time), this is someone that claims to like the site, the resources it has, and thanks me for it, then calls me a "negligent s**t" because I don't respond to 25-100 e-mails stating the obvious or asking dumb questions or asking me to do their homework for them. BITE ME. No one anywhere on the net or in the world has the right to make any demands on me, my time, or this site. I put a donations page up a couple years ago because living on a graduate student's salary, I was having trouble justifying spending a couple hundred bucks a year on a website. I have received ZERO donations in that time. Maybe I could have been "pimping" the need, but that is offensive to me, and if it just means a few more nights of ramen noodles a year, I can take it. But maybe, just maybe, you, the readers, can understand how this kind of e-mail disgusts me so much.

So please, take the time before you write nasty e-mails to someone that is doing something for no other reason than because someone else might find it useful.

*9/13/05* I have moved the site to http://www.modernhumanorigins.net, so please update any bookmarks you have. It will take awhile for me to change all the links on the pages, so if something isn't working, I'm sorry but it will be available again as soon as possible. Some pages may take longer because the files I have are different than the old ones that were uploaded to the web, since I had a LOT of half finished changes on them, so will have to either comment out a lot of stuff or find time to finish the content I had started to add (that is my preference). However, I'm in grad school and the school year just started, so it may take a bit, but I will make an attempt because I want this stie to be up and functional forever (and hopefully be updated enough to keep it a valuable resource).

*8/26/03* Finally finished the hominid page for Kenyanthropus platyops. This is the first hominid page using the new format with the overall site color scheme and moving photos directly into the descriptions rather than special pages taking up additional space. Next up is Sahelanthropus, and then I will begin updating each hominid page with both new content and the new format. Added books to both books reference section. Fixed a mislabeled photo.

*8/1/03* Purchased email service based from this domain, so the contact e-mail has been changed on all the pages. Added a Donations page where someone can donate money or materials to help the development of this site in various ways. Updated the My Books and the Books sections with some more texts. Removed the Paleoanthropology Web Resources webring as it had few members and the webring company has become pop-up happy. The Link section works better anyway. Added moderation to the guestbook, so I will be able to keep the spam advertisements out of the guestbook pre-emptively. Removed the Study Web award since the company is no longer a not-for-profit educational group and it links to their corporate site now.

*2/17/03* Added some entries to the General Links and Commercial Links page. Updated the Journals page to fix broken links and add a few new journals. Decided to remove the Universities section, as it is rarely accessed according to my web logs, once I started working on updating the page it was taking quite a long time, and it doesn't exactly fit in with the purpose of the site in its present form. I'll be reviewing its utility over the next few weeks and deciding whether or not to premanently consign it to the dustbin. Added more entries to the My Books and the General Books reference sections, and updated those pages format to the newer look.

*2/8/03* Finally getting around to finishing various pages and updates to the site. There will be one major update over the next month, and then hopefully there will be semi-regular updates from now on. Changed color formats of more pages to the grey/bergundy theme and fixed some code errors. Created a much nicer message board to replace the old one (no pop ups now!), so check it out. I'll be posting on it regularly with paleoanthropological news, and will be making an attempt to advertise it among the various newsgroups soon, so it will hopefully see some traffic. You can get to it via the link on the left. Updated the links on the Links page and Commercial Links page to fix sites that had changed URLs or have disappeared.

*9/28/02* After a long absence I am again back, and prepared to do some serious updating. Look forward to a lot of updates in the future as I correct errors that I have noted, finish up new content, add new hominids, and other such things. As for now, this is a minor update of a few things. Finished reformating some more pages on the site to look more professional and look the same in various screen resolutions. Updated the Journals section to remove dead links, add more journals, and add more links. Fixed an error where a Sangiran 2 photo was labeled as Trinil 2 (anyone with From Lucy to Language take note, this is the source of the error) and fixed links to the pages.

*4/10/02* Finished checking all the files and making minor adjustments to the site as a result of the move. Fixed the reference search so that it uses the correct database queries, and made the results page a tiny bit more user friendly. Started adding references to the database again. Fixed the site search function so that all the links you get should work properly and link only to pages in this site. Started reformating many of the pages, to look more professional and to look how I want it to in resolutions other than 800x600.

This site is best viewed with IE at 800x600 resolution. All original material on this site is Copyright © 1998-2003 C. David Kreger, and may not be reproduced without consent of the author. Any other materials remain copyright of the pertinent authors or their representatives. Any questions, comments, or requests may be directed to my e-mail.